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ID: 1291407 | Plan: P4 Apm | IP: | Domain: | > 1 year

Cluster: 130086 | DWS: Disabled | Hardware: p4 | Datacenter: Google - us-east1-b | PHP Version: 7.3 | Install Status: ready | Global Edge Security: No | Global Ingress Enabled: No | SSH Login: [email protected] | Machine: c2 c2-standard-16

Account Name: hortonworks | Company: Hortonworks | Account Manager: Clayton Leary | Customer Success Manager: N/A | Risk Level: Green

Regen Config
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Disable to leverage WP Engine Alternate Cron

Do not prefix with ?

GeoTarget Path Bucket
Total Zones: 0
Enabled Match URL Zone Custom URL SSL (beta) Dynamic Lookup

Allow user to Disable CDN

Additional things in the HTML to load from CDN: (Things outside of wp-content/)

Pages where we don't load it's objects from CDN

Content regexes performed at page render

Domain wildcarding:
Primary Domain:
Domains and Redirects:
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Total Rewrites: 0
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Redirect 301 /path/match
RewriteRule /path/more.php?(.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Other Nginx Rules:

  • wpe_order_id_5f57e85c2eb86.crt wpe_order_id_5f57e85c2eb86.key
    • Domain:
  • Domain:
Customer Config for Logs

This is special case for customer logs to be automatically copied to their own S3 bucket.
If customer bucket is specified, it must be writable by the customer_remote_s3_logs AWS user.
NOTE: Do yourself a favor and use the "Validate Bucket" button before saving. Incomplete/invalid configs will NOT be saved.


This is special case for large and old data to be off-loaded to an S3 bucket.
This is not for every case and is not an Amazon S3 backup sync for the user content.
If no customer bucket is specified, largefs will use largefs.wpengine bucket.
If customer bucket is specified, it must be writable by us and contain a file called 'fc00cebd.largefs' containing the content '2a5d04cc049da93e'.

130086 - Google: Carolina (us-east1) - 65536GB